Course title: Yacht Rigging

ID Course Code: 66397

Course Credits (CFU): 6

Scientific-Disciplinary Sector: ING-IND/02

Course Type: Lectures + practical applications on PCs

Professor: Cesare Mario Rizzo

Tutor: Stefano Ghelardi

Education objectives: The course aims at providing basic and advanced knowledge of sail systems scantling (sail, mast and rigging as well as relevant equipment), including fluid structure interaction (FSI) hints, of sailing systems of yachts and large sail ships.

Learning outcomes: Non linear finite element analysis including fluid structure interaction (FSI) phenomena with emphasis on sail systems behaviour are presented.

Typical mast and rigging configurations are analyzed according to analytical methods proposed by applicable rules as well as using some advanced numerical methods (i.e. non linear FEM analysis).

Concepts of sail design, from a structural perspective, are presented along with a few hints about fluid structure interaction problems.

Analytical and numerical applications on typical test cases are provided and developed during lectures for each topic of the course.

Assesment: An oral exam will take place discussing exercises carried out during the course as well as basic principles and methods presented.

Lectures: 32 Hours

Practice: 28 Hours (computer class). In addition to theory lessons, this course includes also comprehensive practising based both on simple exercises and numerical applications with a FEM software.

Prerequisites: Structural mechanics, Ship structures, Sailing Yacht Design

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